A Sydney based freelance graphic designer, artist and illustrator.


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Hello! I’m Louisa, freelance graphic designer, artist and illustrator. I've been designing and creating for over 15 years. I team up with other creatives and also directly collaborate with people for their creative needs. I'm based in Sydney and work remotely from home.

Need to know if I can be the creative element in your world? I’ve worked on artwork commissions, illustrations (traditional and digital), logo design + branding, magazine design + layout, book design + layout, posters, flyers, brochures, window displays, pull-up banners, postcards, video editing, business cards, photoshopped imagery and more, please send me any design queries you have.

My primary method of contact is via email. This is to streamline workflow, create flexibility for project completion and generate records of all the important information provided. It is also very handy for remote communication when time and availability is limited. Write to my email design@louisanicole.com

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